The National Slave Ship Museum, Inc. will:
1.  Bring the world together through dialogue, entertainment, scholarly prusuits, research, food, arts, crafts, and theatre.
2.  Provide an environment of celebration for things that unite the world and work to resolve the things that separate us.
3.  Reconnect African Americans to their ruch ancestral history.
4.  Examine the alchemy of socio-economic progress at the expense of human sacrifice and freedom.
5.  Cultivate healing and continual progress in an environment of tolerance, fogivness, and Inclusion.
6.  Serve as a healing mechanism for many Americans whose ancestors took part in the trade and the transition of Africans.
7.  Serve as a main educational conduit for locals and tourist, both nationally and internationally.

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Celeste Street Wharf • New Orleans, Louisiana
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