The design concept for the National Slave Ship Museum is based on the full-scale replica slave ship forming the nucleus of the design, around which the administration, multi-purpose space, museum studies program, indoor theater, special exhibits, and outdoor amphitheaters revolve. The building is designed to be constructed in a phased method:

1. Phase I - Amphitheater, Special Exhibits, Indoor Theater, and Multi-Purpose
2. Phase II - Museum Studies, Multi-Purpose, Meeting Rooms, Arts & Crafts Space, Aeroponics
3. Phase III - Cafe/Gift Shop, Exhibit Space, Restaurant, Administration
4. Phase IV - Replica Slave Ship Main Lobby, Skylight, Riverfront Park, Garden, etc.

The interior finishes of the main lobby are weather-tight, and the enclosed lobby space will provide an additional function room for all types of gatherings and events. The building will include high-quality permanent finishes for the exterior and interior of the building.

We will seek a minimum of Gold level LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification through the utilization of an energy-efficient approach employing creative green and sustainable design concepts and equipment.


The National Slave Ship Museum will be located along the banks of the Mississippi River in New Orleans, Louisiana.

New Orleans was one of the major 19th century slave-trading and transshipment centers in the United States. Its internationally renowned music, cuisine, architecture and culture are all byproducts of its involvement in the transatlantic slave trade.

The National Slave Ship Museum will have outstanding facilities, programs and services that are designed to engage and educate diverse constituencies - children, adults, local residents and visitors from across the globe.
National Slave Ship Museum Facilities:
Riverfront Park
Neighborhood Park Adjacent to the Community
Outdoor Riverfront Plaza
Outdoor Riverfront Amphitheatre
Indoor Replica Slave Ship
Sailing Replica Slave Ship
Gift Shop
Outdoor Replica African Village
Outdoor Herbal Garden
Rooftop Aeroponics
Authentic African Restaurant with Riverfront Views
Outdoor Balcony Dining
Meeting, Classroom, & Conference Space
Multipurpose Venues
Special Exhibit Space
Program for Master of Arts in Museum Studies
DNA Lab to Trace Genealogy
Music, Arts & Crafts, and Reading Spaces
5-Story Glass Atrium Venue Space
Celeste Street Wharf • New Orleans, Louisiana
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